Next Round Launch Date Announcing SOON!!

- Tighten Up Challenge -

Group Fitness & Nutrition Accountability & Coaching

6 Weeks to Tighten Up Your Mindset, Movement & Macro and Meal Prep!

What's in it for you?!

✅Individualized Macro Plan

✅ 6 weeks of group training (Studio/Zoom)

✅ 6 weeks of meal plan with tons for recipes

✅ Grocery List so you don't have to think

✅ Individual coach with weekly check ins

✅ Weekly mindset chats

✅ Pre/Post Body Composition Scan

✅ At home workouts

✅ FB accountability group

✅ Give-a-ways and Cash Prizes

This challenge is for you if you’ve ever…

✅ Wished your body came with an instruction manual so you knew exactly what you needed to do to shed unwanted body fat and feel more energized.

✅ Felt tired, hungry, or irritable trying a new meal plan.

✅ Considered hiring someone to create a custom nutrition plan for you but can’t quite seem to pull the trigger

✅ Or you’re just plain tired of living diet-to-diet and wondering why nothing seems to stick…

Don't wait it is TIME TO TIGHTEN UP TODAY!

This Could Be You....

Liz, Tighten Up Challenge Member

"The accountability from the coaches & others in the group is really what keeps me coming back to it. They help me stay motivated so I keep on track. I really enjoy how we stick to the one thing for a couple of weeks to get a good feel of our calories or macros before we move on to the next section."

Victoria, Tighten Up Challenge Member

"I saw drastic improvement in my workout performance.... both in cardio as well as strength training. I also feel more muscle definition in areas all over my body! I am excited to continue these habits!"

LaDonna, Tighten Up Challenge Member

"The program is not hard and you're never hungry. Once you figure out what works for you and PLAN your meals, it's very doable. I like that I choose what to eat and even playing with the numbers to see how I should adjust my meals to stick with the formula.

Sarah, Tighten Up Challenge Member

"The Tighten Up Program is very motivating. This was my first Tighten Up Challenge and I feel like I could really stick to this more than any other plan I have tried. I love the daily accountability and I love working towards a prize no matter how big or small the prizes are. Absolutely loving the challenge so far.

What are you waiting for?!

Its Time to Tighten Up!